21st October, 2011. The Rapture happens, as predicted earlier this year, but it’s not the fire and brimstone we’ve come to fear – it’s merely a routine earth upgrade which happens every century or so.

Season One of Raptured follows a lovelorn 30-something, Sarah Bailey, who is tricked into being in charge of the Rapture. Instead of the seamless upgrade that’s happened in the past, half the people have been left behind. It’s now Sarah’s job to make sure they make it over.

Who produced Raptured?

Raptured is a new web series made by Red on Black Productions and is distributed by KoldcastTV. The work of UK/ Canada based Red on Black Productions integrates online platforms & communities with filmmaking. Their short doc, Wild West Dream, the story of the only UK cowboy, premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2009. Most recently, their short film, Sounds of Us, was featured as part of the critically acclaimed Museum of Broken Relationships and is now on permanent exhibition in Zagreb. Shift Control Delete, a feature documentary questioning how a loss of the Internet and social networking will affect society, is currently in post-production.

Why a show about the Rapture? And where are the zombies?

After Harold Camping’s first predicted Rapture date in May, we thought, what if the Rapture really happened – but what if it’s not the fire and brimstone we thought it’d be? After the Rapture was repredicted for the 21st October, we decided to launch our web series, Raptured, on that date. It was literally written for the Rapture.

As for zombies…we do love them, but we also figured if Brad Pitt was doing something with Zombies, it was time to move on to something else.

Press and other stuff

Premiere of Raptured
We premiered Raptured the Series on 20 October, 2011 before it launched on the 21st.

We have luckily been asked to be on a couple of podcasts and video shows to talk about Raptured. It’s awesome to be asked and here are some links to where you can hear us speak more about Raptured.

Alongside interviews, we’ve been covered in a few blogs (including those of the cast and crew) and instead of having to Google “Raptured” to see who talked about us, we’ve put them here. Raptured seems to be a popular word for some reason…